Souls are stupid.


I stare at Olli in horror. One of them will commit suicide. What the hell? Why do the bad things happen to me? I mean, everyone elses lives are great! But me? No. My life sucks. I'm SUCH a boy-obsesso girl, one of the boys I like will commit suicide when I pick the other! Wheres the justice in this world?

No. There isn't any. Thats why. Which shall I choose. I burst into tears(it's getting old for me.) and run out of the caff. Olli chases after me.

I sit on the garden bench. Geetting my bum soaked by doing so. It was raining. But that would cover my tears. She sat down next to me and put her arm around my shoulder.

"If....If I don't pick either of them, will they both k...k....kill themselves?"I sniffed, I was in so much pain.

She nodded sadly. That just made me cry some more.

"Olli, this time....We HAVE to tell a teacher. I could kill a student with love!"I said seriously.

"Yeah. Some one IS going to kill themselves. I mean. You can't pick both! Can you?" She agreed.

"Olli. What...I DON'T WANT EITHER OF THEM TO DIE!"I screeched. and I wailed and cried even harder.

"Let's go to a teacher, Sav. Let's go to Miss Roux. She'll understand. She's only 25."She pulled me to Miss Roux's office.

"Hello?" A sweet voice answered our knock. Olli opened the door.

"Miss, something BADDDDD is happening."Olli said seriously. Miss Roux nodded, inclining her to go on. "Savanna...She's in a soul split."

Miss Roux's eyes popped wide.

"Oh dear! And with whom, may I ask?" She said sensibly.

"Shadow and Thunder."I answered.

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear." She said, shaking her head, "we have to tell higher athourty about this! Come with me you two!"

We followed her all the way up about a hundred steps into a BIGGGG office.

"Hello, Headmistress."Said Miss Roux. Olli's eyes popped out of their sockets. I guess she NEVER met the head.

"Why, Hello, Linda."Said a soft voice. A women with long black hair and striking blue eyes, turned around. She was very young and very pretty.

"A bad thing has happened. Savanna here....She's had a sould split."She said serenley.

"Well. That is VERY bad. We'll have to get to work ASAP!" She cried, clapping her hands together.

She told Olli to go get Shadow and Thunder. About twently mins later she came back with them both. By the horrified look on their faces, I'm guessing she'd told them.

"Oh, Sav!" Cried Shadow. Thunder look like he wanted to cry(for a boy!).

"Oh! I don't know what to do!"I wailed at them both, clutching my hair. Thunder came over and hugged me, earning a SUPER dirty look  from Shadow.

I cried all over again, getting his white hoodie stained with mascara. He didn't seem to care.

I lets go of Thunder and went to squeaze Shadow.

Then stood in front of the head.

"Well? What do we do?"I asked quietly.

"There is nothing TO do. YOU will have to choose. In your own time. It may take months maybe years. But as long as you still love them both, they shouls be fine....Maybe. Or you couls pick later. And we can find a soulmate for the spit one."

I nodded and said that's what I'd do. Then I walked out and muttered; "Souls are stupid!"

The End

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