Two hearts....To three.


Olli got up and left.

"Olli!"I cried, "don't leave me! I don't want to be alone!" She ignored me and walked off.

It was getting dark and I was getting cold. I ran inside. And crashed into Thunder in the garden. We landed on the floor in a tangle.

"I'm sorry!"We bothe blurted at the smae time. Then let out a nervous laugh. He held out a hand to help me up.

Electric shots of desire went through all my veins. Thats odd. desire??? That was wrong. He was confused too.

"I'm sorry1 I didn't say those things! Mel did!"I cried.

"I know. Mel was outside the door."He agreed.

And then I don't quite know what happened, Thunder pulled a leaf out of one of my golden locks, then that triggered something odd in us both. We wnet for eachother at the same time. And for about ten seconds, his lips crushed mine, I pulled away.

"Oh my God!"I gasped. And ran for it. No the most advanced tecnique ever. I legged it to the girls loo's and sat down on the floor. Running my hands through my hair, trying to ffigure out what had just happened.

You love Thunder

a part of my mind said to me. No I don't!

You love Thunder, but you love Shadow.

it said. Then shut up. Odd. Oh my God! Was I in love with Thunder? Was that REALLY desire going through me? Was it? But Shadow! He makes me so happy. I love him. I'm happy to admit that to anyone who askes now.

I'm so confused. I have to tell some one....

The End

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