Seven years ago....

Their was a reason I had fell in love with Thunder when I was younger. It was for his kindness which has all since faded.

I find Sav easily. It was the same secret spot I had used all those years ago, which I had almost forgotten about. She looked at me shocked as I sat down next to her.

"Sav, we have to remove it" I whisper.

"Why though?" Sav mutters. "You don't care how I feel about this"

I smile slightly and look down at the ground. "Oh but I do Sav. Thunder's power didn't use to be pain, it use to be the gift of love" I say looking at her.

"The ability to control your features and mind. He has sort of changed over the years"

"The gift of Love???" Sav mutters confused.

"Well, that's what we use to call it. He could make you look beautiful and make your heart beat for someone you knew you didn't love. It's my fault that he can now only conflict pain"

"How can falling in love with Spark be so wrong?" Sav almost shouts.

"That isn't the reason he hate's me. He gave me his gift, he gave me beauty and made me what I am today. But the day I met Spark... Thunder los his grip. I returned him the beauty he had given me and told him I could no longer love him" I look a Sav tears spilling down my cheek.

"I had thrown all he had given me back in his face. All of stuff that helped me become happy. I wasn't always like this Sav....... I was always bullied and I.... tried to kill myself" Then with that I stand up.

"I just want to tell you that. The beauty he's give you it will give you happiness but you shouldn't have to be beatiful to love"

I walk out of the secret hide away and return to the dorm where everyone is quiet and silent. They see me but I just go over and sit in Sparks lap gripping his t-shirt letting myself cry.

Let's just Sav makes the right desision.

The End

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