"And I can't breaaath, without you! But I have to!" I sang, dancing around the empty dorm. I carried on singing all the songs I knew. Until a very suprised looking Thunder came in. I blushed beet red!

"Sorry, um, is Olli here?"He asked.

"No. She's out in town, so is everyone else. I didn't go."I said breathlessly.

"Oh, even Shadow?" He asked.

"Yeah. He tried to make me come, but I sat on the floor until he gave up!"I grinned. He edged into the middle of the room.

"Um. Will you tell her I came?"He whispered. Looking me in the eyes. Making me shiver.

"Y'know, you make me shiver when you do that!"I exclaimed. He started to look angry. But I carried on, I didn't mean to, I just did!

"And, you look weired when you get angry! Your nostrels go all big in a VERY unattractive way! I mean. In books, the boys are meant to look all georgous, but you? Yeah, you just look stupid!" Why couldn't I shut up??? Why?? It was like some one was MAKING me! SHUT UP SAVANNA! SHUT UP! A odd, muffled noise came out of my mouth, I was trying not to speak.

I grabbed some papaer and scrawle d on it, for him to read: It's not me!

I'm being controlled!

"Are you making fun of me?! HOW DARE YOU!"He screamed at me. My mouth opened and spoke for me.

"Oh, give over! Whocares about you? I mean, Olli doesn't! Awww, baba gonna cry? cry baby gonna cry and run to mummy? Awww, how cute! I'm not suprised Olli dumped you for Spark! I mean--"My snide comments were cut off by my scream of pain. I felt like a white hot iorn bar had been shoved into my chest. I fell to the ground, screaming. I was sprawled on the mat, wriggling, hoping it would go away.

It didn't.

It didn't ever! I lay on the floor, writhing in pain. I shrieked at him.


I saw him, through my tears, walk out the room. Leaving me on the floor. I felt like I wanted to die.

I heared voises. I screamed for help. Although my voice was hoarse from my previous 'screaming for help' sessions.

Filla came bursting in. Followed by everyone else.

"OH MY GOD!"Yelled Olli, "WHAT HAPPENED?" Shadow came rushing over, his handes were nice and cool on my clammy forehead.

"Th...Th...thu." I screamed silently. No words could escape my mouth.

Spark picked up my note.

"Some one made you prevoke Thunder?" He said, horrified. Shadow groaned.

"If theres something you know, Shadow, you need to tell us!"Cried Lillie and Millie.

"Mel, popular girl, asked me out, and I turned her down. She said she'd get revenge. And now she has."He whimpered. He's NEVER whimpered before.

"LILLIE!GET COCO!"Barked Millie. Lillie ran out.

About 5 minites later, Coco came rushing in.

"What happened?"She asked. I don't know what the fuss is! I don't think he even did anything to me on the outside!

I tried to sit up, Olli pushed me down. I stayed.

"T...Thunder, he...he...attked And whats wrong with my face?"I said and asked.

"Um. Look in the mirror, Sav." Said Toni carefully, she was prepping for a emotion twist.

"Okay, but I really don't thing....OH MY GOD!"I yelled.

My face!!!!MY FACE!!!! was. Well. Beautiful. I know Toni was making me happy. But, it really was lovely. I was two golden ring things around my face, well, like, y'know how goths do their makeup? It was a golden version of that! And my freckles were now golden!

"It'"I stammered. They beamed. They knew it was nice too! "If it's pretty, why does Coco have to remove it?" And besides, it was a phycic battle scar! I wanted it!

"Well. If you keep it, Thunder will get in troubl!"Olli blurted.

"Oh, and you'd choose Thunder over me?"I sad indegantly. She looked lost for words. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks.

And suddnely, it wasn't about the scars anymore. It was about friendship. She'd been so caught up with Spark. She had remembered everyone else except me. I was the odd one out. I got up. I felt better. And ran out the room. I heard them calling my name, but I carried on. I didn't fit here. I'd ruined it for everyone!

I don't know whether I was feeling other people sadness, or just my own army of sad thoughts. But I ran out into the garden. Into the hole in the hedge. And into the little patch of ground that I had claimed mine. I sat donw, sobbing. I was being a drama queen, I know, but I needed to be alone...

The End

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