The past few days have been horrible! Sometimes, I think reading minds is a stupid power! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!It just makes me upset, angry and a whole load of other emotions, because thats whats everyone is feeling. But I DO know that Shadow likes me. We've kinda made it official.

Millie is destrort because she's found out that Hatch isn't into her anymore. And Olli is paniky because Thunder, Sparks brother, is hurting her...I think I mingt talk to him...Hmmmm...And what makes it EVEN worse is that the only person I can stand to be with now is Faith, because the silence is lovely. And I've found out she's really nice. And the new girl Destiny is sweet...Millie hates her guts, she stole Hatch from her clutches. Destiny doesn't seem to notice that, she'll chat happily to Millie any day!

 I walk down the corridoor, slamming my locker shut, with a loud BANG! Clutching my bag, I was heading to the library to study. I caught a glimpse of Thunder. He had sunk to the ground by the lockers...

I walked up to him.

"Thunder?" I saind carefully, I didn't want to make him angry. I saw his cheeks stained with tears. "Are you okay?"

"Yes!"He snapped, getting up quickly. Glancing around. I hope no one is watching! He thought.

"No one is looking."I said flatly. He seemed on edge. "Look, Thunder, no one has told me to do this but... I don't want to make you angry but... Can you stop hurting Olli, for MY sake?" I made my eyes pleading.

"Why YOUR sake?" He said, narrowing his pretty, big, blue eyes.

"I can read her mind... And it hurts me too."I wispered.. And, for some crazy reason, I burst into tears!

These tears shook me to my core, I couldn't even hear people thoughts, the were THAT overpowering. I let out all the emotions I'd built up behind a wall in tears, happy ones, sad ones, angry ones..Ect, ect. Thunder just sort of stood there looking shoked. I think he thought HE'D done it. But it wasn't him(well some of it.), it was all of my friends. They needed to stop being so sad, and help me. I NEEDED them now. I've helped them, with my mind reading, now I just need to ask them one favour...To be nice and happy. Not sad and angry.

I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand.

"Thats why. YOU and everyone else needs to be happy and YOU need to stop hurting Olli! You maybe don't know, but now you do, that pain is horrible, keep using it on the lab rats..Not us. I mean, Olli...Oh I don't know WHAT I mean anymore.....This school, too many people! YOU need to get your act together Thunder! I know your hurting, and I feel your pain.. Literally! She dumped you over seven years ago! GET OVER IT! I know your gonna be angry with me saying that, but that'll will make ME angry! And you don't wanna see me angry!"I said angrilly. He stood there. Looking taken aback.

"Well....I guess, um. 'Kay."He said. And I ran off to my secret place I found in the garden. I KNOW thay don't.

I said down on the mud. Getting my baby-blue jeans FILTHY by doing so. I grabbed my note book from my bag. I turned to a new page.. I didn't use it for school, but,yet, it wasn't a diary. I just scribble, draw and write various clips into it.

I got a pencil, and dug into the paper. I dragged the pencil all over the page, leaving dents, when I finished, it was nothing, just a big mess of pencil. I was how I felt. Angry, sad, happy. I smiled. I wrote on top of it; Mindreading; helpful...but also sucks!

I felt so much better. I put it back in my bag, putting my pencil in the front pocket of my black blouse.

I stood up, brushing all the dirt off of my bottom. I walked out, ducking into the hole in the bush. I sprinted to the dorm...

Millie was weeping on her bed. There was no one else in the dorm. But, she carried on when she saw I was crying too. I sat down on my bed. Sniffling. I got my pencil out when I had calmed down, I twirled it around my fingers. I was trying to be gentle. But I ended up snapping it. The rubber end went flying into Fillas old, vintage lamp!Making a hole in the shade!

Millie giggled. I did too. Then we ended up laughing our heads off.

Lillie came in, she looked glum. Them beamed when she saw Millie laughing!

I think I can make people happy. If I try....

The End

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