Olli, come on

"Olli" Sparks calls. I look up at him knowing I'm soaked with rain. "It's not your fault"

"But it is?" I say looking back at the floor. He pulls me on to his lap as he sits down.

"Olli, come on. It was a trick of fate no one decides who there soulmate is" Spark whispers.

"But I hurt him Sparks" I shout jumping up. "We can avoid it but I still hurt him"

Sparks stands up and pulls me into his arms. "You still love him a bit don't you" Sparks mutters.

"I love you but feeling never fade so yes I do still love him a bit" I mutter. Sparks sighs and I look up to kiss him. If only then I knew Thunder had been watching and heard every single word.

The End

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