I sit beside Millie, who is busy daydreaming about something. Hatch, perhaps. I am using the dorm computer, on which I play World of Goo. It's fun and I love it!

"Lillie?" she asks quietly, "Do you think Hatch likes me?"

"Well, I don't want to say this but, I don't really know. If you believe he's the one for you, tell him. But, you need to know that there is still alot of fishes out there. " I turn around and face her. "This fish may be the one you are attracted to right now, but it may not be the one you stay with forever, even if you feel that way. I think it would be best to interact with other fishes as well, before you decide. You never know, maybe your fish is still out there."

"Did you just compare all the boys as fishes?" Filla ask, giggling.

"Um...I think I did..." We laugh, then Millie and I go out and roam the corridors for a while. We knock on Faith's dorm door and they let us in. Faith, Toni, Jay, Jill, Dess and Hatch as well are there. Jay and Jill are having a competition to see who could juggle the most buttons in the air while the others are chatting. I wave at Jay, who suddenly drops all his buttons and he waves back. I walk over to him and sit down.

"Um, about last time, about your sister," Jay says, "After close inspection, I must say, Hatch is losing interest in Millie. I'm sorry. How is she?"

"Oh no!" I reply, "She's mad about him. How am I gonna get that to her?"

"Well," Jay suggests, "Why not just leave it for now and see what happens? Maybe they will sort something out."

"Yeah. Thanks." I hug Jay. He smells like soap and he is warm. I think I hugged him longer than I am supposed to. Nevertheless, he smiles at me when we pull away. Millie comes over. She nudges me. Then she points in the direction of Hatch. Hatch is sitting next to Dess, chatting happily and giggling. Oh dear, now Millie sorts of knows. Her face is expressionless when she walks out of the dorm.

"I'm sorry," I whisper to Jay. Then I leave as well.

Next door, I find Millie in a corner, with tears down her face. The others had gone and we are alone in the dorm. I pat her back and hug her, I wanted to do so much more for her. But what could I do?

The End

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