Oh No.

After I met the new girl Dess and told her everything, I walked off to the canteen, looking for a night-time snack. I needed to clear my head. That Dess girl, when she was going to reach up to my scar, I wanted her to. I felt as if her touch would be warm and cool at the same time. I knew that if she touched me, I would feel a spark on my cheek that ran right through my body down to my toes. I didn't know how I knew this, or why I suddenly felt this way, but for some reason I didn't want to let the feeling go.

"Hi," I said to the lunch lady. She looked like she was putting food away, and her back was turned to me.

"Hello!" she mumbled. I grabbed an apple from a basket near the trays and a brownie from beside the basket. I sat down at a table near the back and thought aout the day.

First, I really like Millie. Now I really like a girl that I've just met? My mind was definetly playing games with me. Did I still like Millie? Who did I like more? My head was spinning with the amount of effort I had to put into thinking about this.

One word popped into my find that I'd heard Spark say the first day I was here.


Oh no.

The End

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