People Who Aren't Scared of My Voice

Destiny Snow

A girl jumped in front of me and started to introduce herself loudly, but then she looked behind me. There was a boy there.

"Are you OK? that boy" I said quietly. The girl - Olli - led me to a room, it was full. She introduced me to everyone and then led me to my room. She left. 

"Uhh, Hi" I said "I'm Destiny Snow. But please call me 'Dess'"

"Oh, well Hi Dess, I'm Faith" said the girl at the window.

"Hi Faith" I said.

"He's Jay" said the other girl, pointing to who must have been her unidentical twin.

"And she's Jill" said Jay, pointing to to the girl

"Well Hi Jill and Jay" I said to them.

"So, what's your power?" they all asked me at the same time.

This is I thought into their minds.

"Oh!" Jill and Jay said. But Faith said:

"Well, what is it?"

"I guess your power is to block people then?" i mumbled "I speak onto peoples minds."

"OK" she said. I went out of the room to see if there was anyone else. There was. A boy called Hatch. He had a scar on his face that i wanted to stroke, to try and tale the possible pain away, but I clamped my arm to my side. He went somewhere and I bumped into a girl on the way back to my dorm.

"Hi, I'm Destiny Snow, but please call me 'Dess'" I said.

"Hi, I'm Toni May" she said to me.

"So, what's your power?" I said. I suddenly felt really happy, and my memory was dodgyfied for a second so that I hadn't told her my name. But then it went back. "I see" I said. Don't mess with my memories or my feelings again  i pushed the thought into her mind. She laughed. Finally, I was around people who weren't scared of my voice.

The End

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