We can't let him do this to you

I know Hatch is probably hoping the new girl won't freak out. And I know she won't soulmate pair 5 coming up. Where's number four you ask????

That's Jay and Lillie. Mwhahaha.......

I don't actually feel like laughing now. "We can't let him do this to you" Spark mutters.

"But it's my fault" I shout.

Everyone seems to have now gathered round the rooms door to see the fiasco.

"You can't always blame yourself" Filla mutters."Soulmates sort of do that. Remember when I met Denise"

I shake my head an turn to her. "But that's not the point... If I had just..." I burst out crying and shoving all their bodies aside run off down the corridor.

"Don't she needs to be allown" Spark says behind me.

I run all the way to the gardens and just sit there crying. There probably explaining what happened how before I met Sparks I was dating Thunder.....

The End

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