More Freak Outs . . . Great

I sat on my bed, staring at the two . . . what do I call them? . . . couples. I shifted my knees beneath me, rearranged my hood, then finally decied I couldn't stay here any longer with the love birds.

"I'm gonna go!" I said, standing up. I was dismissed with two mumbles from Spark and Olli,and a wave but nothing more from Shadow. Puke! I thought.

I walked outside and saw that there was a new girl.

"Hey! I'm Hatch!" great another person to freak out about my face. The girl introduced herself as Destiny. I smiled and pulled down my hood, might as well get it over with right? The girls who had already seen it gasped along with destiny as I leaned against the door frame, crossing my arms. My silver hair was a stark contrast to the black purple bruise and the scars. Destiny came a step closer and I felt my eyes widen with shock. Why is she coming closer?

"What happened?" she said. I saw her arm lift a little, as if she wantedto touch it before she tightly secure it at her side.

"It's because of my powers," I said calmly, no, incredulously at the fact that she wasn't freaked out! "I can kill and inflict extreme pain, although they go together. I can also make my spirit leave my body, kind of like wandering anywhere without moving," please don't freak out!

The End

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