Hiya, Pain

I skip down to meet the girl and she looks bewilded. "Hi I'm Ollivipet but you can call-" I spot Thunder and gulp nervously.

Destiny looks over her shoulder and I feel a pain in my head. I scream and hear running.

"Is she okay? That boy" Destiny murmurs. I feel Spark pick me up.

"Idiot" he mutters under his breath. "Sorry about this, I'll show you to your room"

I open my eyes and see Spark's consern. "I'm okay" I murmur jumping out of his arms and landing on his feet.

"Let's meet the other first" I say draggin her to my room. I open the door. "This is Destiny guys"

"Are you okay?" Millie asks. I nod and everyone begins to talk. I then show Destiny to her room  she'll be sharing.

I feel a bit hurt as I walk to Spark's room. I open the door and see him waiting but walk over and snuggle up to him.

I also notice Shadow's, Hatch's and Sav's conserned faces. Even now I can't be bothered to be happy how they're lying together comfortably.

The End

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