Destined to be here


Me and Millie were training Tommy when Olli suddenly yells.


"Who, what, when, where, why?" Millie and I say together. We give each other a hi-five and Tommy does a somersault.

"She's called Destiny, she sorts of speak into people's minds, she arrived just now, she's downstairs and I'm going to go meet her!" Olli tells us impatiently. As soon as she finishes, she nearly breaks the door open and bounce away.

We look out and see two other bedroom doors open. Spark sticking his head out of one, and Jay from the other one. He smiles at me and waves. Millie and I retreat back to our dorm.

"She'll be back in approximately 50 seconds. Destiny will fill up the only space left next door in Faith's dorm." Filla predicts, reading a book on her bed.

"Cool!" I say, then I start the countdown.

The End

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