I sream and hit the ground in a tumble. Everyone turns and I stare a Sparks whose standing in front of me. Protecting me from his brother.

"She's not worth it Spark" He hisses.

"Oh no" I hear the twins mutter.

"I decide whose worth it Thunder" Spark says calmly. I jump to my feet and watch Thunder glare at me.

"So he's back" Millie says. "Spoil sport" finishes Lillie.

"Who is he?" Everyone shouts.

"He's Sparks brother" Lillie says.

Then Millie says "But he doesn't like Olli" I step forward and Spark flicks a look at me that makes me stop.

Thunder hisses something to Sparks then strides out the room leaving silence in his place. Sparks turns to me and pull me into a hug. It's only then I realize I'm crying.

The End

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