I stared into Millie's eyes as we spoke. Her eyes were blue, but not light blue like gray, and not navy just blue. Like an ocean . . . except minus the green. They were beautiful.

"So, ahem," I say clearing my throat. I looked down at the hamster on the table, "He's cute! What's his name?"

"Tommy, he's our hamster," Millie motions at her sister with a quick flick of her hand than giggles.

"Hi Tommy!" I say, but the hamster scurries under one of the rat's cages. "Oops," I say, "I don't think he likes me. Do you think it's my face?" I ask, making a silly face. Millie laughed and it sounded as though someone was playing music. I laughed along too, although my laugh sounded dull compared to hers.

"So, what exactly is your other power, I heard you have more than one!" asked Millie, putting her elbows on the table and putting her head in her hands. She was closer to me now, and I could smell her fruity perfume. I took a long breath before answering.

"I can go anywhere without moving."

"Excuse me?" she asks, cocking her head to one side.

"My spirit can leave my body and wander, only when I tell it to though, that's how I found the dorm without a map!" I say.

The End

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