Twin crushes...


Me and Millie stare at Hatch with his strange scars.

"Oh my!" I say, staring at him. "What happened to him?"

"Wow!"Millie replies to my comment, now staring at him too. "Doesn't he look more handsome like that? Look!" I turn away, it is really scary.

"What do you think? Lillie, he just looked at me! Do you think it's possible he likes me too?" Millie keeps commentating, I look at her, she's blushing.

"Anything's possible!" I say, making Tommy feel happy at the same time. He squeaks quietly and jumps about.

Suddenly, Coco comes into the Lab.

"What do you think Coco is doing to Hatch? I think she's trying to heal him." Millie says. I peek up.

"Yeah, probably." Millie stays on gazing at Hatch and I walk over to Jay and Jill again. Jill gives Jay one of those sly smiles that Millie gave to me when she found out I had a sort of crush on Jay.

"Um, I'm gonna see what's going on." Jill says, dropping the lab mouse she held in the air and she leaves us two alone.

"So," Jay begins, "How's uh, you and Millie doing with the lab mice?" I can see he is struggling to find conversation.

"It's great! In fact, we are using our hamster, Tommy. I mean, it's so much better because we are closer to him and he is better to control." Suddenly, Hatch runs out of the lab to somewhere.

"Yeah," I continue, "Millie has a crush on Hatch. As a girl, I am asking you, a boy, whether if you know Hatch has any feelings for Millie. Do you know?" A scream came from somewhere.

"Um, I'm not really sure. But I can try and find out for you if you like." Jay replies. Hatch returns to the lab. His eyes were dark, oh didn't work.

"That'd be great, thanks!" I smile, and feel warmth rushing to my cheeks. I turn away, watching Hatch walk over to Millie and talk to her.

The End

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