Don't Touch

"Spark, she better not be getting this Coco," I growl at Spark.

"Lisen mate, she's not that bad, maybe she can fix this," he said, obdviously trying to cheer me up. I saw the two twins at the back of the class, looking at me than whispering furiously. I muttered a curse that even I didn't know I knew. Why did I care what they thought? I don't usually care what people think! Then I realizerd, it's not both of them, just one. I can't remember the name though!

"Guys! I found Coco!" Olli comes jumping in, Does she ever just, walk?, a large lady follows her behind.

"Hello! I am Coco," she says to me, a heavy dutch accent haunts her words.

"Listen, I really don't thi-" Coco grabs my head and examines it, "I don't think you can do anything!" I squirm out of her manly grasp and sit on the edge of one of the science counters. "It's not a scar, it's a Power Symbol," I sigh, looking down at my knees and pulling my hood back up, "Please, don't touch it,"

The End

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