I don't know why Savanna wont talk to me now. I'm confused, all of a sudden she's just giving me the silent treatment!

I mean, one minute she tells me she like's me, then the next, she is totally ignoring me! Ever since I talked to Faith....

AWW MAN!She's got the WRONG idea! How could she think I would EVER want to go out with Faith??? I mean, she sleeps with her eyes open! I mean, imagine waking up to someone staring at you blankly?!

Maybe I'll ask Olli to talk to her, or one of the twins, or maybe even Filla....

I wonder...HEY!I have an idea! I'm just going to think about how much I DON'T want to go out with Faith aound her and how much I want to go out with her!

But she doesn't date....Hmmmm....I think it'll still work.....


The End

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