Hood off

"OH MY GOSH" I shout. Everyone looks at me. "Right, I'm fetching Coco"

I begin to walk out the room but Spark picks me off my feet by the back of my shirt.

"Sorry mate" Spark says. I squirm even though I know it's know use. Sparks like a bear and I'm like a mouse.

"A very cute mouse" Sav whispers to me. I can't help but giggle. Spark thanks Sav for changing my thought pattern.

Cute mouse, very cute mouse. I sing in my head. Sav groans and Spark looks really appolagetic. "Seriously though. Coco could fix that in her sleep and it's not doing you no favors" I say putting my hands on my hips best I can in the air.

I look at Spark. "Please put me down" I mumble. He smiles and shakes his head and I pout.

The bell goes and Spark allows me to stand on my feet. "COCO!!!!" I shout wizzing out the door.

The End

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