Take off your hood!

I walk up to the new teacher, trying to figure out exactly what I'm supposed to do.

"Um, excuse me miss? What am I supposed to do? I can't use my powers on any of the students. . . at all," I say, holding onto my hood and looking at the floor.

"Well, first you need to take off that hood!" she says, reaching for my hood. I side step away from her, avoiding her long spidery fingers.

"Um, no thanks. I'd rather keep it on," I try a smile but I know she can't see it.

"Young man, please take off that hood!"

"No, seriously, I can't. Not unless I want to be a total freak,"

"I'm sorry, excuse me?" now she crosses her arms in front of her chest, even though I'm much taller than her, a good 4 inches.

"Look," I pull down just the left corner of my hood, so she can see my scar and I sigh.

"Oh my," she says, I lose my concentration and she pulls down the rest of my hood.

"No! Damn!" I say trying to grab at it, but it's down now, so I just turn and smile at my class mates. "Uh, Hi guys," I wave and pray to God and heaven above that they don't totally freak out.

The End

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