Scientific Experiments


I wander around the Science Labs, there was basically nothing I could do. The rules were that you didn't test your gifts on students. Maybe they'll make an exception for me though. I walk over to our teacher, who was busy extinguishing a fire out.

"Yes, your friends can test their gifts on you. But only harmless ones, for instance, Ollivipet or Shadow." She says to me, reading my mind. Cool, she's telekinetic. I walk over to Shadow, he was busy making lab mice run in circles and run into walls.

"Hi," I say, "Will you test your gift on me? I can't exactly do anything else."

"Um, okay." he replies. Then he stares at me for about ten seconds.

"What am I suppose to see?" I ask, unsure.

"Pink lab mice dancing in the air with pom-poms."

"Sounds cool!" Then I go looking for Olli. 

The End

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