I flip and see Hactches eyes go wide. "I can make you do it if you want" I say smiling tilt my head to the left.

He puts his hands up. "Why do you where that hood? Do you have a scar?" I asks the questions quickly.

"Olli" Spark says picking my up and putting me on his shoulders. I can't help but laugh and kiss him softly upside down.  I look back at Hatch leaning on Sparks head.

"If you have a scar you should visit Coco" I say. He shrugs.

"I don't think it would help" he says.

"Oh, it would. Coco is amazing with her healing powers but warn you she's the opposite of me down, bringing stays away from new students" Then with that I vault over Sparks head and attach myself to his side.

"Doesn't she ever get tired?" mutters Hatch.

"Not in our life time, mate. Besides puts a little fun into my life, before her all I did was study and train" Spark says before walking off.

The End

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