To accuse and to be accused


I finish breakfast, peeking at Jayson now and then. Millie stares at me, with a funny expression on her face. Then she asks Hatch why he was worried about his powers, Millie's cheeks looks red and she looks a bit shy. I couldn't see Hatch, he looks like he is talking to his breakfast with his hood, not that I mind because I sometimes do that too, only without a hood. After clearing away our breakfast trays, the twelve of us walk down towards the science labs.

We are early, only a few students had arrived before us. I drag Millie over to the mice section, where lab mice were used for gift-training. It wasn't that bad for them though, they each got a three storey floor, a bed, and plenty of water and food. We take out the small mouse maze and put it on the table.

"So, you like that Hatch person don't you?" I accuse her, taking Tommy out of my jacket pocket, he was sleeping. He looks so cute asleep. Why use lab mice when you have a hamster?

"So, you like that Jayson person don't you?" She accuses, throwing a sly smile at me.

"Hmph," I grunt. I start to gently wake Tommy through my mind and he stirs. His eyes open and Millie gets him to stick his tongue out at me. I sigh and beckon the others over to our section. Then I walk over to Jill and Jayson to see what they were up too.

The End

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