Breakfast Talk

I felt my hood, making sure it wasn't down and sighed in relief. I hated having those marks on my face. It made me feel . . . so . . . moody. I wasn't though! I'm not a moody, brooding downer kind of guy. Actually, I kind of find those type of people to be life-wasters. Really, who wants to spend life sad?

Everyone's down now and I sure as hell was right. Every single girl just as pretty as the last. No chance for me here. Then again, I never thought there would be. Damn hopes getting too high.

"So Hatch, what's your first lesson?" asks Olli.

"Uh . . . I think it's someplace where I use my powers I don't know really, I kinda lost my time table," I look down at my food and shove some eggs in my mouth. They're so good!

"You get to use your powers?" asks Spark, I look up a little and see his wide eyes.

"Haha, don't worry, I won't use them on you," I say laughing. His eyes settle down and he relaxs in Ollis arms.

"Why are you worried about his powers?" asks one of the twins. One of them is sitting beside another boy, another twin in fact, but it's the other one who asked the question.

"I'm sorry, I don't know anyone's names besides Shadow, Spark and Olli yet," I say, trying to avoid the question.

"Jayson and Jill," the twin boy says, pointing to his sister, both with black hair.

"Millie and Lillie!" says the twin beside Jayson.

"Faith and that's Toni" says another girl.

"Woah, that's alot of names. If I call someone the wrong name, I'm really sorry," I say smiling, although no one can see it since I'm speaking to my food.

"So why is Spark worried you'll use your powers?" asks the twin again. This time I look up a little. Woah is my first thought. She's gorgeous, her and her twin are miles apart. They don't look the same to me. She smiles, and I smile back.

"I, uh, you'll find out!" I say just as the bell rings. "Come on, let's go," I shake my head, trying to get her face out of my mind, but it doesn't work. I'm confused . . . but at the same time, intrigued.

The End

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