A new boy! As usual, Olli is bouncing about....again...It's funny how excited she gets when someone unfamiliar joins. We walk down to the canteen with Sav. Olli and the others next have already gone down. We reach the canteen and me and Millie spot the new boy, Hatch, I think.

"Hey," We say, "I'm Lillie."

"I'm Millie," Millie continues. Hatch suddenly touches the hood over his head and sighs in relief.

"Um, hi." Hatch replies, he shakes hands with us.

"We'll be back soon, going to get breakfast." Millie and I walk over to the queue for breakfast and soon our trays are full with a bowl of cereal and warm toast on a plate. We return to the table and look for a place to sit. Sav and Shadow were deep in conversation, Shadow looks like he was dragged out of bed. Olli was playing with Spark's breakfast and eating it at the same time.

"Come on!" Millie says, "Lillie, why don't you go sit next to Jayson?"

I look at Millie with questioning eyes, she just laughs at me. Great, now that she knows I have a sort of crush on Jayson she's going to torture me. Starting now. Jayson gestures the space beside him and I sit down beside him, feeling blood rushing to my cheeks instantly.

The End

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