When I walked back into my room the night before, Spark had been asleep, snoring happily. He was smiling. I looked over at the other boy, I think his name was Shadow, yeah that's it.

"So, it's Hatch right?"

"Yeah, and you're Shadow?" I ask. He nods, "Sorry about earlier, we good?" Shadow gave me a weird look before smiling and going to sleep.

Now it was almost morning. I heard Spark whisper good-bye before he woke up, I almost burst out laughing.

"Who ya talking to?" I asked when he woke.

"Huh? Oh . . . haha, soulmates," he said, shrugging like it was no big deal.

"Excuse me?" we were whispering because Shadow was still asleep.

"Telepathic soulmates. You do know what soulmates are right?" I nod in response.

"I just didn't think they existed!" I whisper incredulously. "Who's yours?"

"Who do you think?" I get a flashback of the night before when Olli kissed him.

"Oh right, that would make sense," I laughed and looked over at Shadow. "Do we wake him up?"

"Yeah probobaly,"

Once we'd defeated the impossible task of waking Shadow up, we all got dressed and went down to get some breakfast. Spark said we'd meet the girls there, it kind of scared me. Tons of probobaly beautiful girls, looks like I'm going to be wearing my hood alot. I pulled up my hood as we walked into the canteen, Shadow and Spark just gave me understanding smiles and I grinned my gratitude back.

The End

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