Sleep talk

I know I'm asleep as I lie with Sparks in the field.

"You know that new guy, Hatch?" Spark murmurs. "His powers are just like a grim reaper. He can find anyone anywhere and kill them with pain"

I look up at him and know he's seeing fear on my face.

"Don't worry Olli. You are the controler remember?" He passes a hand through my hair.

"You know I think I should tell Sav about Soulmate sleeping" I mutters.

"You haven't told her that's what's been going on?" Spark asks shocked.

"Well, I thought her and Shadow might get closer on there own" I shrug and start laughing. I sigh.

"Almost sunrise" I groan. "See ya"

Then I find myself waking up in my bed.

The End

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