Stupid Powers

At least I dodged that bullet I think as I enter the room. I pulled my hood back over my face as soon as I sensed the girl, was her name Olli? I looked up slightly at the two guys staring at me, they both seemed ok.

"Ok, I'm going to take off my hood but don't do anything ok? It doesn't affect you guys or anything," I could feel their quizzical looks but I took my hood off anyways.

"Woah!" they both yelled in unison, backing off. "Dude, your face!" the one Olli hadn't kissed asked.

"Yeah, it's kind of tit for tat for one of my powers," I say, looking up and into their eyes.

"One of them?" squeaks the boy Olli had kissed. I see the other one smirk and I feel like laughing.

"Yeah, I have three. I can probe through places with my mind, that's how I found here. It's like a 3D map of anywhere. I can cause excrutiating pain which makes you want to die, and I can kill people, but I've only done that once, that's why my face is like this," I motion at the left side of my face. It looks like I've been burned, only around my left temple and eye though. There's a scar over my left cheek as well, but that's from my father, not from my powers. "When I was little I accidentaly killed my mother. Every time I kill someone, my physical appearance takes a hit. But don't worry, I've got it under control, I won't kill you with my mind in your sleep. Promise."

The two boys give me odd looks. "Ok, I need names because it's really confusing otherwise," I stick out my hand, "I'm Hatch."

"Shadow," one of them says shaking my hand lightly. "Spark," the other one says, just staring at me.

"Ok, I know that was alot to lay on you, so I'm just gonna go for a while, and let that sink in. Ill be back in like half an hour. See ya!" I leave the dorm and slink down on the wall beside the door. Great, now I'm probobaly going to have to find a new dorm. I put my head in my hands and stay there. Damn powers.

The End

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