Mini postmanXXX


I was sat on my bed, with the twins' hamster on my tummy. I was feeding him sunflower seeds, I said I'd play with him whilst they were meeting the new boy--Hatch. He is moody. And brooding. I think he and Shadow would get along! Hehe!

Tommy(the hamster), is so cool! He is well trained and cute. Filla and I are training him, were playing postman with him. I send a note to Filla which I attached to his back. Then she sends one back. It's so weird. He has a box which he lives in. And he's more or less free range. The twins' let him roam about the room, day or night. And he goes into his little box when he is tired.

I wish I had a  pet. Mum would have never let me have one though.

So anyway. I decided I'm going to sav up for a pet!

I know I should be doing homework rather than playing with a rodant. But I wasn't in the mood, I'd do it later....

The End

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