Not a happy camper

"Hi" I shout jumping in front of the boy. He shouts 'what the..' while jumping back.

I smile and tilt my head. "I'm Ollivipet, but call me Olli" I say.

He stands up straight. "You will be staying in room three with Spark, my cutie, and Shadow" I tell him.

He more or less glares at me and I pout unhappily. "Not a happy camper I see" I mutter. I turn my back to him. "Follow me" I lead him to the door two rows down from mine.

I open it and skip in throwing myself at Spark who already has his arms open. "You have a new room mate" I say indicating grumpy behind me.

I turn and watch as he places his stuff on a free bed and buissy himself with something.

I sigh. "I can't even cheer him up" I mutter before kissing Spark and skipping of out the room.

Wait, what was his power again?

The End

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