Hatch Markins

My hood covers most of my face as I walk up to the school. It looks like an old castle, medieval maybe? My baggy sweater goes down to the middle of my thighs and the cuffs of my jeans drag on the ground. My converse are soaking wet, Damn rain!

"So this is Stay Connected? Not very impressive," I say entering the big double doors at the front. There is a woman with a bird nose sitting at the front desk. I don't feel like scaring her, so I keep my hood on. "Hi, I'm new."

"Hello young man! Name?" she says, even her voice sounds like a bird.

"Hatch Markins." I say.

"Yes, yes ok! You're in Form Roux, the boys side." I say thanks and walk out of the office, probbing the school to find this Form Roux. French? Ugh, do we have to learn french?

I reach he dorm and see noone in the halls, then again, it is night time. Since there's no one here, I take off my hood, my white silver hair un ruffling. It's short and spiky, although I have no gel in it. My eyes are sliver too, although it's reversed. My pupils are silver and my irises are black. Then again, the rest of my face is distraction enough.

The End

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