Dreams. Operation:Catch up!

Savanna's dreams:

Hmmm, I wonder if Shadow and I will be engaged? Oh well! Aww! MAN!!!I'm back in the suckey meadow!I see Shadow. He looks still. I run toward him.

"Shadow!!!!STAY STILL!!!"I shout at him. He looks like he is really concentrating hard. I finally catch him. I put a hand on his arm...BANG!Were in a totally new place! It looks like were underwater. Hnag on.. we ARE underwater! I look at him puzzled. He stares at me wide eys. And gestures to my legs. I look down. I have a tail?!

Now, this was to wierd to even talk about!!! I look up, a shower of bubbled covering me. A very large piece of rock is coming strait for me!

I wake up, screeching, I was, again in the middle of the dorm. On the floor thrashing about. I go still. Blackness covers me. Not the kind where you pass out. It was over powering. I think I minght have gone into a coma or something. Okay, thats a tad dramatic. But the darkness was so calming and soothing. I embraced it...

The End

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