"Ta-Da" I shout jumping in front of Sav. She screams and I burst out laughing with her joining in. "I win" I say hands on hips.

"How so?" She asks confused. I smile.

"You admitted feeling to Shadow" I sing spinning around. Sav blushes looking around but no one's watching use to my strange behaviour.

"I... I..." Sav  mumbles. I burst out laughing.

"It's okay girl. You'l be able to speak about it normally in a week or so" I laugh.

"But you talk about being engaged like it's an everyday thing" Sav mutters.

"I've been dating the guy for 7 years Sav. That and I'm the most weird person on the face of the earth" I say smiling.

"Yeah that's ture" Everyone around shouts. Then me and Sav burst out laughing watching them go off to continue their day. "Come on" I say grabbing Sav hand and pulling her along. "I'm missing Spark and we're late for class"

The End

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