The Pure and Simple Truth, is rarely pure and never simple--Oscar Wilde


So much has been going on lately. There are new twins called Jayson and Jill. I have a feeling our Lillie minght be falling for him! Cute!

My dreams wont stop. They just carry on, and on, and on! Now in each one a different thing happens like; I was burned to death in the last in, the one before that I was suffocating. They are just getting weirder and weirder! I'm sooooo tired now because I try not to go to sleep. But when your in a room full of sleeping people, you kinda just nod off.

"Wazzup?"Lillie and Millie asked when we were going into maths.

"The dreams. They are starting to bug me."I sighed. "Every time ir's the same thing, until the cloud comes, then a new thing comes and kills me." They stare at me wide eyed.

"Y'know, Millie, I hear if you die in a dream, you can die in real life!"Lillie said a matter of factly. I stared at her with big eyes.

"I'm gonna die?" I wailed clutching my hair. Was I going to die?!?! But I've got an idea. Shadow is always in my dreams. Maybe if I find him, and admit I like him...

NO!!!Savanna Hope! Yes thats you! Savanna Hope does not believe in love!!!! I scream to myself in my head. Millie and Lillie looked at me oddly as I had my battle with the slightly dimmer side of my concience.

"Oh, whats wrong, you look like your holding back a HUGE scream!"Giggled Millie.

"Nothing."I squeaked.

And do you know what. I was so scared that whole lesson that I actually did some work to keep my mind of things!!!

"See you guys, I'm going to find Shadow."I said. They pouted.

"But, watching south park isnt the same without you saying Cartmans lines!!!"Moaned Lillie.

"Yeah. Remember? I do Kenny, Lillie does Kyle. It's how it works!" Whined Millie.

"Well, I'm sure you can manage without me just for one episode!"I snapped. And I stalked off to find Shadow.

What kind of a name is Shadow anyway? Who would name their poor kid that?! Then I saw him, with a mob of girls behind him.

"SHADOW!"I yelled. He turned his head toward me, and look relived. He darted over here to get away from the girl.

"Hello."He said Primly. I nodded to say 'hi'

"I'm having odd dreams, Shadow."I said slowly. "Dreams where I wake up covered in sweat, screaming my head off." His eyes bulged.

"Your having them to?"He blurted.

"Yes, so your not making me hav them?" I said, shocked.

"NO!Why would I do that?"He said in a hurt voice.

"Oh, uh, sorry, well, I was hoping, lets just get this over with, I like you Shadow. I like you alot. But, I don't believe in all this telepathic soulmates crap. So, when and if I have this dream again. You need to stay still, so I can catch you, if we catch eachother, I'm hoping I wont be brutally killed again." I said all in one breath, panting a little after wards.

"Yeah. You need to stay still too. So one of us can't move. I'll try not to." He said in agreement. I put a hand on his arm, seeing all the Tiffany's and Brittany's glare at me when I did.

"Thanks."I said gently, I took my hand off of his arm and sauntered off, to go watch south park before it had finished.

Maybe the drams would go away now. Maybe I wouldn't have to keep on dieing.

The End

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