"... so you see that's why their engaged." Sav finished after she had told the whole soulmate thing. I just rolled my eyes. It just didn't really come to my mind that love could be that way. I looked over at Jay.

That's crazy. He said to me. We had found a way to communicate that didn't involve speaking or using our mind. I'm not even sure how it works we just do it.

I know. I said back but I could tell he hadn't really ment it. His gaze kept wandering back two one of the other twins. I began to wonder if he believed it.


I looked over at one of the twins. I think it was Lillie but I wasn't sure. There was just something about her that caught my attention. She was very pretty yet there was something else as well....

"Hey." Jill said trying to get my attention You don't believe that crap do you? she asked me I just shrugged.

The End

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