Nightmare Dreams


I'm really worried about Sav. Every night she's been having these strange dreams, or as I would call, nightmares, since she sorts of wakes up screaming. I hope she's alright. Sav even passed out once. I had to get a towel and cold water, it was really scary. A new girl arrived today, she looked disturbed and just plain strange. I wonder what she's been through....Right now, she's staying with Faith next door, me and Millie send our hamster with a note over to Faith sometimes, it's quite fun. Like our own little postman.

"What do you think is going on with Sav and her dreams?" Filla suddenly asks.

"They're hardly dreams, though, are they? They're more like, nightmares." Millie answers, tying her silky hair back with a peach bobble.

"Well, they don't really sound like nightmares, but they aren't normal dreams..." Filla continues.

"I know!" I shout, "She dreaming about nightmares!" The three of us burst out laughing, it sounded so ridiculous.

"Ooh, in approximately twenty seconds, Olli will walk in, no, bounce in, and introduce us to a new pair of twins who will live next door with Faith and Toni." Filla forsees, she starts looking at her watch and counting.

"Twins, Millie!" I say, excited.

"Twins, Lillie!" She says. We cheer. It's what we do everytime we meet a pair of twins, or in this case, going to meet a pair of twins. Filla was right, after twenty seconds, Olli "bounces" in.

"Hi! This is Jill," she informs, gesturing towards a girl with long black hair. She waved at us and smiles. "And this is Jayson," Olli points to a boy with short black hair. I look at Jayson and I feel weird. A sort of tingling in my stomache and my cheeks feel warm. What was going on?

"The rules are getting bended so Jayson can stay in a girl's room with Jill." Olli added. Of course, I think, it'd be terrible to be seperated from Millie.

"Lillie!" Millie whispers, "You're blushing!" We giggle. Then Olli takes Jayson and Jill to the room next door.

The End

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