Let's stay Positive

"Hiya" I shout jumping in front of the unidentical twins, ones a boy the other a girl and their eyes are differnt colours. They scream and I laugh nervously.

"Sorry... most people are shocked at how postive I am" I mutter.

They both nod. "I'm Ollivipet but call me Olli. My powers controlling people and learning all about them while I do"

"I'm Jill and this is Jay" The girl says. I nod smiles. "We can sort of lift things with our minds"

"Wow cool" I say. I' a bit confused then. "You seem to be in a dorm with two girls in Form Roux"

"Yeh" Jay says.

"But your a boy" I mutter.

"I know they said they would allow an exception" he tells me. Inod and turn jesturing them to follow as I take them to their dorm.

The End

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