New roomate


I'm the only girl in the room so far. It's sort of lonely but luckily, Olli and Sav in the room next door are nice and they pop in sometimes to check how I'm doing. I love my power, shielding, I can have privacy and no one can mess about with my mind or what I see. My dad sent me here, mum died when I was two and now my dad is dating an arrogant person who doesn't like me. So, I was sent to Stay Connected just so I'd be out of the way. At first I wasn't allowed in, because I didn't really have a gift, my gift was to not let gifted people inside my head. But I somehow managed to get in, and I do really like it here. Last night, Sav and Olli found out I slept with my eyes open. It's really creepy, but that's me! Alongside with the fact that I can raise a single eyebrow at a time, go cross-eyed, go blank eyed, pull dodgy faces, and make one of my eyes cross-eyed. Yeah, it's sort of weird.

Suddenly, the door opens, I jump and an unfamiliar face smiles at me and walks inside.

"New roomate Faith!" Olli says to me, carrying a bag which she left on the floor, then she left to return next door.

"Hi," I say to the new girl, "I'm Faith, and I'm a mind-shield. You?"

"I'm Toni," she stutters nervously, she looks a bit lost, and lonely. Definitely looks like she'd been through alot. "I can change memories and control emotions. But I swear I won't change any of your memories or control your emotion."

"Hahaha!" I laugh, "You wouldn't be able to even if you tried, you can't get to my head, remember?! Oh yeah, school rules say you can't use your gifts on students anyway, so, don't worry."

"Ok, that's great!" Toni says, she looks alot relieved after I told her I could block gifts, I wonder why?

"Well, I've snatched the bed by the window, sorry. Oh, by the way, have you checked in at the office?"

"Um, no, not yet..."

"Come on, I'll take you!" Then we walk to the office and talk to the receptionist.

The End

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