Jayson and Jill Thomas


As we approached the school I thought back to the reason we were here. My family is like major league rich but my parents had begun fighting with each other. Me and my twin sister, Jill, had stayed in our rooms every time that happened. Then strange things began happening. Like one time I got so mad at my parents while they were arguing that one moment they weren't paying any attention to me and the next a bag of flour flew out of the kitchen and exploded on them. I was in so much trouble after that.

Me and my sister look a lot alike. We both have black hair. Jill's goes down to her waist and mine is short and shaggy. Our eyes are something we don't share. She had sapphire blue while I have light green eyes.


I gripped Jay's hand as we walked into the school. I was scared. I mean wouldn't you be two if you were sent here because you had some freakishly weird powers? How I found out about mine was I while I had been watching Jay get beat up by someone I didn't know. I was sitting there watching it and freaking out when I suddenly felt really strange and, using my mind or something, I lifted the guy off my brother and threw him across the wall. I never even touched him once. We both ran out of the school after that.

We entered the school and stood there looking around when we heard someone coming.


The End

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