Bitter sweetness


"She seemed bitter."I said finally. After everyone had asked me to see what she was like. "She's upset, like she doesn't want to be here. But I think it will be easy to bring her outta her shell."

"Hmmm, tes, she did seem a tad angry."Agreed Filla, nodding.

"Huh. Wonder what her power is?" Mused Olli.

"Dunno."Was my stubborn relpy. And I went back to my desk, which was swamped with homework that was due in for tomorrow.

"Sav, why don't you EVER do your home work until last minute?"Aked Olli.

"Dunno."I said again. "Filla, can you help me with my maths?"

"Sure."She came oveer and helped me with my algerbra. Which in my opinion, is the stupidest thing ever invented!

Once I'd somehow compleated the mountain of homework that was piled on my desk, I floppen down on my bed, sighing.

"Wazzup?"Asked Millie. Then Lillie said, "translation; whats up?" Which made them both fall into a fresh batch of giggles.

"Y'know when I woke up screaming last nihgt?" I began, they all nodded, "I had a really odd dream."

"What was it?" Asked Olli.

"I was in a meadow, and I was chasing after Shadow. Then a big storm cloud came over my head and I was struck by lightning. It was really weird!"

Ollie nodded. "I had the same dream when I was starting to fall in love with Spark."She sighed happily and twirled around the room. I rolled my eyes big time.

"Sav, you rolled your eyes so hard then, I could almost HEAR it!" Filla informed me.

Then the night bell went, and I knew I'd have the same dream again. Like I do every night.....

The End

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