Form Roux building

"Person" I shout jumping out of my bed. Everyone screams.

"Olli" they shout. I laugh nervously.

"Why do you always do that?" Sav asks.

"I'm the person person" I say running out of our room and to the Form front door.

I open it and I'm faced with someone new. "Hiya" I say sticking out my hand. "My names Ollivipet but you can call me Olli. You've been asigned a room with Faith right?"

The girl shakes my hand and mutters "Yeah". I open the door wide.

"Come on in" I tell her. She steps inside.

"My names Toni" she says. I grab one of her bags and takes her to the room Faith is in. I open the door and Faith jumps.

"New room mate, Faith" I tell her. Then leaving Toni's bag in the room I return to my own.

The End

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