Toni May

My friends kicked me out of the clique for this. Some friends.

My class shunned me for this. Some class.

But worst of all, my family kicked me out for this. Some family.

They sent me to some school, Stay Connected, it's called. It was this or the streets.

I stood looking at the school, with my heavy luggage case beside me. I'd had to lug it all the way from London on the train. My mum had refused point blank to come. She said she didn't want to have to see me any longer than she had to. She's disgusted, I know it. Toni May, teenage psycho-freak was how everyone thought of me now.

I walked up to the nearest building, which wasn't promising, it looked like a dormitory. There was a little sign on the door which read Form RouxI knocked and waited for an answer.

The End

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