Savanna's dream:

I'm walking through a never ending meadow. I saw Shadow and followed him. I got to him, and he disappeared and reappeared in the opposite direction. A large stormy cloud was above me. The shadow of the cloud was covering my body, making me shiver. Lightning struck me I fell....

I woke up covered in sweat shrieking at the top of my lungs! I shut up when I saw everyone crowded around my bed asking me to wake up.

"What happened?!"Ollie gasped.

"C-c-confusing d-d-dream!" I stammered, I realised tears were rolling down my cheeks, I don't know why though. I collasped back on to the bed. Shivering slightly, and I lay there for a while until the darkness made a veil over my mind and I fell asleep.

The End

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