Night walking

I jump up out of bed and slowly make my way towards the door. "Where are you going?" I turn to see Sav sat up and watching me,

"Ahh.... I...." I begin to mumble. "Why ain't you asleep?" I ask.

"I was, you woke me up" Sav says tilting her head.

"I'm just popping out to get some fresh air" I mumble.

"Your going to see Sparks aren't you?" Sav says folding her arms. I sigh.

"No, actually. I'm checking out the girl next door. Didn't she seem odd, I couldn't get a grip on her mind" I tell her.

"Now you mention it I couldn't here her thought's either" Sav says.

"I checked her records and it shows talents of mind field defenses" I tell her. "No one can access her mind, I just wanted to talk to her"

"Right then" Sav says standing up. "Lets go"

The End

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