I thik I forgive Olli. I mean. She seems to have forgotten bout the whole thing.

As for Shadow, whenever I see him he looks at me as if I'm a Big Mac, and he hasnt eaten for months. Which is y'know, comforting, in a weird sort of way. After games. I knew why all the girls hated it so much.

"Hey, look, theres the new girl!" Olli shrieked, causing us all to be startled.

"Olli!"We all groaned in union. Which is kinda cool really! But sure enough, there was a girl with auburn ringlets down to her waist, she had smokey blue-grey eyes. They were wide. She looked scared.

"Hello."I said sweetly walking up to her. "I'm Savanna, I'm new here too. It's scary at first, but then it's really fun!" She looked quite taken aback, because I'd spoken to her. But then she recovered herself.

"Oh, Hi, I'm Faith, Faith Moor."She said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Faith is cool, she came from Norfolk. She'd lived on a farm there. She had a dog, but she had to leave it back at home. She's now in Form Roux. She is sleeping in the dorm next to ours.

"Good night, Faith."I said, when it was bed-time. "Sleep tight!" I grinned, she smiled gently back.

"Good night."She said softly, and walked gracefully into her empty dorm.

Faith. That name is so cool.

That night, I dreamed of Shadow, I kept on running after him, but then he disappeared everytime I found him. Was this a sign that we were meant to be? Or is it just a crazy dream?

The End

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