Sport player

I skip happily ahead of the others.

"Why she so happy?" Sav asks. "I only see her like this round Sparks"

I turn and smile. "It's wednesday, aka sport activities"

Everyone groans and I laugh. "Why's it so bad?" Sav asks.

"Just pray your on Olli's team" Filla says putting a hand on Sav's shoulder.

"She slaughters anyone" Lillie begins.

"who plays against her" Millie finished. Sav looks at me and I know what she sees. A small innocent 15 year old that always seems happy and ploting something, but not at all threatning or atheletic.

"What sport do you do?" Sav asks.

"Gymnastics" I say demonstrating a back flip. "And proffesional running"

Sav stares shock. "Come on guys. Maybe we'll meet the girl who arrived yesterday" I say spinning round and running off down the hallway the others following.

The End

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