Twin soulmates


Ollie walks into our room. She looks down and unsure.

"What happened?" I ask her, Millie looks up from her book beside me.

"Well, I wanted to help people, then ended up basically ruining everyone's life." she replies.

"Oops," me and Millie say together. We high five each other and giggle.

"So," Ollie continues, "You two found anyone who might become your soulmates yet? Not that you need to tell me, of course."

"Well," Millie begin, "We are alright as we are right now. Soulmates...those are people to find in the future. Not yet."

"Yeah!" I agree, "We are basically soulmates! We have so much in common! Here, soulmate, gimme a kiss!" Millie blows me a kiss, and we laugh, along with Ollie.

"I think everything will work out. I'm sure one day Shadow and Sav will come running to you and thank you for your help." I say.

"Really?" Ollie says, worried.


The End

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