To be or not to be


HOW DARE SHE!!!!!why would she do something like that to me? Not only was it not fair to me but it wasn't fain on Shadow either! But he'd admitted he liked me. Did he? Did Shadow McEnzie like me? I'm so confused. Did I like Shadow? Did I? Or did I just imagion my heart lurching when I saw him. I'm still confused. Maybe I did like him. Maybe, I just wasn't ready to accept the fact that I really liked him. No, surely not, I don't have a soulmate! I don't have a crush on any boys! Or did I? That lurching heart could be a pretty good sign that I did. But if I said yes. What if he broke my heart? What if....What if...

Then it hit me....

I actually have a crush-but-maybe-a-bit-more-than-a-crush sort of crush. Oh my God, did I just think that? It can't be, I can't be falling for a boy!

Then I new thought rang through my head. But it wasn't my own. There was a new kid in school!

The End

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