I want to laugh easily but I know that way Sav's attention. It's then I lost my control on Shadow. He turns on me.

"Youu are so dead Ollivipet" he hiss. I scream and run down the hallway. My vision goes so I stop and stand still. I turn and know Shadow's standing in front of me.

"I guess sorry won't cut it but I actually did expect a thank you" I mutter.

"You expect a thank you for invading my mind and forcing me to admit a feeling I'm only starting to discover" he hiss. My eye sight returns and I see Sav's angry face.

"How dare you Olli? I told you I don't want to go out with anyone" Sav shout's. I watch Shadow flinch and can't help but feel bad for him. Shadow does like Sav weather it is only small.

I see Sav look at Shadow the walk off down the corridor.

I sigh. "Seems I failed" I mutter.

"What are you playing at Ollivipet?" Shadow asks still slightly angry. I twirl on my heels facing left. I shrug.

"Sav, doesn't believe in love. Me being a slave and believer I want her to join me" I tell him. Then with that I walk off down the corridor.

I want to see Spark training since I can't hold on to him anymore. I sigh, it back to the beginning and now Sav knows what I'm up to.....

My eyes go wide..... "There's a new student" I shout and everyone around me jumps before chorusing my name angrily.

The End

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