Pleasure is the first of all illusions--Oscar Wilde


Whats the point? Why would they even try to hide something from me? Are they that dumb. Because, uh, hello? Mind reader over here! Filla was running to the dorm, which I was just coming out of.

"Filla?" I asked  curiously. She stopped dead in her tracks her eyes wide with fear. "What are you doing?"

"I, uh, forgot my science book!"She lied quickly. Blushing beet red.

"Its the end of school, Filla. Now tell me whats really going on." I said crossing my arms, drumming my fingers on my elbows. I arched my eyedrom. Smiling.

"I-Um, nothing!" She squeaked, and ran off.

Sothey were going to pair me up with shadow? Huh? Yeah, I'd seen him. He was hot. No biggy. Not my type, too.. whats the word? Moody, brooding? Yeah, he always looked moody and half the girls in the school chased after him constantly. Yeah the Tiffanys and the Brittanys. All those sorta girls.

Plus he was always alone. Always, umm, well looked like he was concentrating so hard, he couldn't think strait

I walked down the stairs to go find Spark. If Olli wasn't stuck to his side. He'd tell me the real deal.

And it was just my luck. He was just heading to the football pitch.

"SPARK!"I shouted. He looked at me, stopping he waved and waited for me.

"Hi."He greeted me.

"Spark..."I began, "whats Ollis plan, that shes trying so hard to keep from me?" He threw back hi head and laughed.

"Oh.."He said once he'd stopped laughing. "Her plan... Is to pair you up with Shadow. She is convinced that you two are telepathic soulmates." He looked me dead in the eye, "do you think you are?"

"Well, um, I don;t really think he is my type."I stammered.

"He smiled."Thats how Olli and I felt bout eachouther when we first met. But then we got closer and closer until, we you can see that!"

"Yes, I know that. But. Maybe I don't wanta soulmate, maybe I just want friends who don't go plotting evil plans behind my back."I muttered.

"Yeah, you will find out if he's The One. Bye, I gotta go do football training."


I needed to see Olli. She was in BIG truoble with me. On the way I bumped into Shadow. who actuallt smiled at me. Or at least thats what I saw. But it wasn't what it was. I knew that, I could see that.

"Shadow? I said.

"Yes?" He answered.

"Why did you just use your power to make me think you were smiling at me?" I said politely. His eyebrows went shooting upward.

"How did you know I did that?" I said in a confused voice.

"Mind reader."I grinned tapping my temple.

"Oh, well, I, uh, well, I guess, never mind!"He stuttered.

"No, you did it. I want to know why!" I demanded.

"Well, I guess, I uh, um, well, I huhmm, L-l-like you." He splutttered I stared at him wide eyed.

Olli was right. Olli was right. Olli was right!

The End

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